READ WITH THE PACK! Woodburn's Read-a-thon Fundraiser


The goal of the READ WITH THE PACK! read-a-thon fundraiser is to promote literacy, celebrate the joy of reading, and raise money for Woodburn PAWS's ongoing programming!


PAWS is a 501(c)3 non-profit Parent Teacher Organization, which means we don’t collect dues and every parent is automatically a member! It also means we rely on fundraisers like this read-a-thon to help us raise the money to enhance the educational experience for Woodburn students and staff. Your donations allow us to continue offering:

  • PAWS Integrated Art Program
  • teacher grants
  • assistance with reading and math software subscriptions for Woodburn Elementary
  • library donations
  • guest assembly speakers
  • and more!

To participate, students submit their READ WITH THE PACK! reading goal. This could be an amount of minutes per day they'll spend reading, the number of books or pages they are committing to read, etc. If students are able to raise funds, they then share that goal with potential donors as they collect contributions. And everyone starts reading some good books!


Students may collect cash or check donations OR donations can be made online at (see the donation button below). All monies must be returned to school (or donated online) by the deadline to count toward prizes. (Donations are tax-deductible; please make checks payable to Woodburn PAWS.) INCENTIVE: IF WE RAISE $5000 OR MORE AT THIS YEAR'S READ-A-THON, PAWS WILL ADD AN ADDITIONAL FUN INFLATABLE ATTRACTION OR INTERACTIVE GAME AT THIS YEAR'S CARNIVAL (5/21/22, 4-7 PM). 


See the calendar listing for prizes, dates, and deadlines for this year's read-a-thon.


Each student who accomplishes their reading goal and turns it in by the deadline will be recognized and receive a READ WITH THE PACK! bookmark, whether or not they have fund-raised. If your student has collected cash or checks, envelopes marked with your student's name containing the donations can be submitted to their teacher or the front desk, or money can be submitted solely online using our donation form. You can make a donation toward your student below while the read-a-thon is happening. The donation form is also accessible as a site guest, so out-of-town friends and family can donate without a PAWS account!