Payback Book Sales


Let your buyers know: Payback Books are coming Sept. 6th!


This year Payback Books are bigger but still sell for $20, and $10 from each book benefits our school! Order between September 6th-27th. For your child to be eligible for prizes, we must have all money (with the checks written out to WOODBURN PAWS) by September 27, 2024.



Over $60 in grocery savings at Chuck’s Produce, Rosauer’s Grocery & Natural Grocers!


BONUS!! Download the Payback Mobile app for an extra savings!


3 books sold = win a lava timer


5 books sold = win a $5 Amazon Gift Card


10 books sold = win a $10 Amazon Gift Card


Additional school wide prize: If we sell over 650 books our entire school will earn a fun Spirit Day celebration! 


Woodburn Elementary School is selling the 2024-2025 Payback Book to raise funds that will be used by Woodburn PAWS to fund math and reading software, teacher grants, and the PAWS Art Program. This is one of our largest annual fundraisers! If you’re new to our school, Payback Books are coupon books that include discounts at local businesses such as fast food and dine-in restaurants, shops, and attractions.


After surveying parents last year, we found an even divide between families wanting Payback Books sales and those who favored a direct donation option. If you prefer to simply make a donation, you can do so using the "Donate to PAWS" button in the Quick Links section of the sidebar.



  1. Share info on our Payback Book sale with friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers. A list of merchants can be found at
  2. There will be a book and order envelope sent home with your student(s). To purchase this book, you can return your sealed envelope with cash or check, or pay online. If you have multiple kids, please just purchase the total books you need for your family and return any extra books and order envelopes to your child's classroom teacher.

    If you are selling additional books to friends and family, please collect their payments (you can indicate if they have paid online), place them in the sealed order envelope, and return them to your child's classroom teacher. We will tally all books sold at the end of the sale period.
  3. If you choose not to participate in this fundraiser, please return your unsold book and order envelope to your child’s classroom teacher.
  4. For your child to be eligible for prizes, we must have all money (with the checks written out to WOODBURN PAWS), orders and unsold books received by the last day of the sale.
  5. Ordered books will be distributed via your child’s classroom teacher upon completion of the sale period.
  6. Student prizes will be delivered to classroom in late October or early November.

Questions? Please contact Taylor Cox at 



  • ONLINE ORDERS! Online payment from our website is the easiest way to purchase books. Login to your account to speed up the process, or if others wish to place an order on your student's behalf, they can do so without creating an account. Send your order form back with your student and write "paid online."
  • If you prefer to pay by cash or check, return those in your sealed envelope. Checks should be made payable to “Woodburn PAWS.”


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