Payback Book Sales



This year Payback Books are bigger but still sell for $20, and $10 from each book benefits our school! Order between September 9th-26th. For your child to be eligible for prizes, we must have all money (with the checks written out correctly) by September 26, 2022.



BONUS!! Download the Payback Mobile app for an extra $10 OFF coupon at Chuck’s Produce


Woodburn Elementary School is selling the 2022-2023 Payback Book to raise funds that will be used by Woodburn PAWS to fund math and reading software, teacher grants, and the PAWS Art Program. This is one of our largest annual fundraisers! If you’re new to our school, Payback Books are coupon books that include discounts at local businesses such as fast food and dine-in restaurants, shops, and attractions.


Friday, September 9, 2022

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