Spring Plant Sale


If you plant a garden or buy flowers for someone for Mother’s Day, please consider purchasing your plants from our fundraiser. Invite your neighbors, local family, and local friends to purchase as well!


Order your plants from the offerings of flowers, vegetables, and baskets through our website. Orders accepted March 24th - April 5th. Payment is collected at the time the order is placed. Plants will be delivered to the school and distributed on Saturday, May 4th. 




Funds raised from the sale of Payback Books will be used by Woodburn PAWS to enhance the educational experience for Woodburn students and staff, including many events, activities, and grants provided by PAWS throughout the year.


If you have time to volunteer, we would appreciate some helping hands on Plant Delivery Day. Sign up here to help out!




Please direct any questions to Bridgette Smith at (971) 645-8192 or communications@woodburnpaws.org


Thank you again for your support!  We appreciate you!