PAWS Roles and Responsibilities



  • Presides over all meetings of this organization and the Executive Board
  • Serves as the primary contact to the school principal
  • One of three designated signers on all checks and drafts against PAWS funds
  • Presents Standing Rules at first board meeting of each school year
  • Annually ensures that necessary documents are filed with the Washington Secretary of State for corporation renewal
  • Set board and general meeting agendas with input from other board members and board meeting agenda prior to meeting
  • After the calendar is set, reserves all event space through CSD website
  • Calls Board of Directors or general board meetings at their discretion


Vice President

  • Assists the president in carrying out all of the presidential duties
  • Shall serve as president in the case of the president being absent or unable to serve
  • One of three designated signers on all checks and drafts against PAWS funds
  • Assumes responsibilities of open board positions, as agreed upon by the board



  • Keep all records deemed necessary by the Board
  • Record board and general meeting minutes
  • Paper records of bylaws, standing rules and meeting minutes will be kept in the PAWS office and electronically on the PAWS G drive. Minutes will be sent to board members within two weeks of a meeting and uploaded to the PAWS website once they are approved by members
  • File corporation renewal with Secretary of State online



  • Receives funds for the organization, keeps accurate receipts of expenditures, and pays out funds in accordance and with approval of the Executive Board
  • Presents a financial statement at every meeting or at the request of the Executive Board and must make a full report at the end of the year
  • Monitors all PAWS deposits and accounts


  • Facilitates channels of communication between school staff, teachers, general members (i.e. parents and guardians), and board members
  • Regularly updates the PAWS website ( with current events, volunteer forms created by the Volunteer Chairperson, fundraising forms, etc.
  • Maintains the general membership database (entering new member information, unsubscribing members, year-end transition, etc.)
  • Sends out regular newsletter communications to general members (approximately weekly), including notifying the general members about regular and special meetings
  • Assists with creating and distributing fliers related to PAWS events and business (sometimes in partnership with other board members), including fliers announcing PAWS general meetings
  • Maintains PAWS social media outlets (Facebook), regularly posting about upcoming events and addresses comments or questions that come in from general members
  • If applicable, organizes and facilitates virtual meetings for general members and for board members
  • If applicable, assists with the creation of other printed and digital assets such as fliers, videos, bookmark prizes, read-a-thon envelopes, etc.


Chairperson-Events Coordinator

  • Oversees and works with Leads on PAWS events and activities.  
  • With the assistance of other board members, steps in to lead any event for which there is no designated volunteer lead. 
  • Works closely with the Volunteers Chairperson to find leads and event volunteers as well as the Fundraising Chair on those events


Chairperson-Volunteer Coordinator

  • Responsible for leading PAWS efforts to staff all PAWS sponsored activities, as well as work closely to assist the Events Committee Chairperson in staffing all PAWS events. 
  • Reaches out with initial communication to all potential volunteers with a welcome letter, background check form if needed and specific event info. Background checks will be required for in class volunteer work such as the Art program and in other cases as requested from Woodburn staff and/or CSD. 
  • Coordinates and creates the volunteer signup forms and reminder/thank you emails in Membership Toolkit
  • Work with communications to reach out to the school and community populations with campaigns, fliers, advertisements for volunteer procurement
  • Be present at some or all PAWS events to recruit and educate potential volunteers
  • Reaches out to thank volunteers after events and at the end of the year


Chairperson-Fundraising Coordinator

  • Oversees the efforts of all PAWS fundraising. This includes but is not limited to: 
    • Passive fundraising (AmazonSmile, Fred Meyer rewards) 
    • Active pursuit of donations/sponsorships
    • Fundraising events (Payback books, Read-a-thon, Carnival Silent Auction)
  • When appropriate, looks for new fundraising opportunities
  • Participates in budget creation and management.


These definitions are an outline of duties and not intended to list all possible responsibilities. Each board member and chairperson shall fulfill all functions delegated to them by the president and/or the Board of Directors.