Square 1 Art Sales



The PAWS Arts Program partners with Square 1 Art to bring your student's artwork to life on totes, potholders, cards, canvas, and more! The student art projects completed in September will be submitted and custom catalogs will be available in November, with artwork arriving at the school for distribution in November or December.

Proceeds benefit the PAWS Integrated Arts Program. You can order online at square1art.com using your the access code from your catalog, or call Customer Care at 888.332.3294 for assistance. 

Orders placed after November 17, 2022 will still help raise funds for the PAWS Arts Program.  15% of sales will be donated back to Woodburn through the end of the school year.

Have your catalog handy and visit www.square1art.com. Can't find your catalog? Email artprogram@woodburnpaws.org.


Friday, November 4, 2022 – Thursday, November 17, 2022